Thursday, March 25, 2010

Betty Crocker Potatoes: Make $2.65 wyb 3!!

This catalina offer on Betty Crocker Potatoes is running until 4/18 at Kroger.
{thanks DealSeekingMom}

Buy 1, get .50c
Buy 2, get $1.50
Buy 3, get $3.00

These are a dollar each (or close to it), so buy 3, get $3 = FREE

But here's where it gets better with coupons:

.40c/1 from Cellfire
.25c/1 from 3/28SS
$1/2 from recent BoxTops4Education $10 booklet
(still available through, and came quickly)

(3) .25c from 3/28SS #2, which will all triple to .75c
(1) .40c Cellfire
Total: as low as .35c for 3 packs + $3.00 onyp!
That's like getting paid $2.65 for 3 bags of potato pouches!

Side note on Cellfire: I'm not seeing the newest coupons as having it for Kroger, just Tom Thumb. This may be available to those who downloaded this coupon when it was available prior to the newer options.