Friday, April 16, 2010

Get extra green for going green: CVS GreenBagTag Discussion

Since Earth Day is coming up, I figured I would post this to encourage you guys to join me in using the GreenBagTag at CVS. And from 4/18-4/24, you have NO excuse for not having one because they will be FREE!! Lucky you!!
(Head over here to see how.)

And here's something else you may not have known!  
From April 1st 2010 to March 31st 2011, CVS is donating .05c for every GreenBagTag sold to the World Wildlife Fund! Awesome!

Ok so here's how it works:

-Just Hang It. It's cute. It's in the shape of a leaf. You can't possibly miss it. I actually keep mine on my keychain ring that has my CVS card as well. There's no way my GBT is going to not get scanned then!

-You can use ANY reusable bag. It does not have to be from CVS. You can even use a plastic bag from a previous purchase or store, or if you are just buying a few things and want to walk out with them, that works too! The purpose is simple: if you are not using a new plastic bag for your purchase, you can get your GBT scanned.

-You get some extra Green. That's right. Free money. That makes our coupon ears perk right up! Everytime your GBT gets scanned, you will receive 1 credit towards getting $1 ECB! You need 4 credits to get it, so that comes out to .25c per store visit. And if you are wondering when you will receive your next ECB, just look at your last receipt at the bottom, and it will show how many you need to get your next one.

-The only limitation. You can only get your GBT scanned once per day per household. Yep, that's the only one.

So go get yours FREE next week!
If you have one already, what do you love about it? or hate about it?
If you don't have one, are you planning on getting one next week?