Thursday, March 11, 2010

Want FREE money for your 2-cents?

If you have been looking for a survey site that doesn't take FOREVER just to get to the pay out, and doesn't make you take half the survey before saying you aren't what they are looking for, then you should sign up for Opinion Outpost!

I love this website, it is by far my favorite moneymaker! The surveys are never long, and for each survey the minimum amount of rewards they give you is 15-20.
I know that doesn't seem like a lot, especially if you are familiar with other websites that also have the same amount of points per survey, but the other websites have a payout of 1000 points! Who wants to inch to that 15 points at a time?!

Opinion Outpost lets you cash out at $5.00- they send you a check when you are ready, and the best part is that 15 points = $1.50, 20 points = $2.00, etc.!! I know right! EASY money! Within 3 quick surveys you can have money mailed to your house! I love it! And it's free to sign up!

Come on over and sign up, we all know how far $5.00 goes in the world of couponing!