Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lucky You! Save $4 at CVS

It's time to check your email for the $4/$20 email! I received mine this afternoon.
It expires on Sunday 3/14/10, so if you are worried about them not excepting it anytime next week (99% of the time they do), do your shopping on Sunday, or Saturday afternoon/night!

*Remember to call your local CVS and see when they activate their new weekly sales. If you ask a manager, they will know! 24-hour CVS stores always start at midnight, but stores that close at 10pm start their sales as early as noon on Saturday! This gives you the opportunity to pick up on two weeks of ads!

The only downside to doing this would be like the example below:
{purely made up for an example}

weekly ad from 3/06 to 3/13: Crest toothpaste is $4.00 + $4ECB
weekly ad from 3/14 to 3/21: Crest toothpaste is $4.00, BOGO half off

Now lets say you had a $2 Crest coupon you wanted to use.

$4.00 - $2.00 Q = $2.00 oop +$4ECB {which is FREE + $2 profit}
$4.00 + $2.00 (half off) - $2.00 Q = $4.00 oop wyb 2

If you shop during the 'double' ad on Saturday, the computer will automatically do the BOGO half off deal, and not because it's the 'new' deal, but because it is 'cheaper' for the customer. But for us couponers, we want our extra care bucks! So make sure to look at that! You probably won't run across it too many times (as far as not working out in your favor) but definitely good to know!