Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tom Thumb paid ME $3.17 to shop!!

5 boxes of Fruit by the Foot, 5 boxes of Fruit Gushers, 2 boxes of Kelloggs fruit snacks, 3 NV Nut Clusters, 1 tic-tac

I paid .33 oop + I have a $3.50 catalina!!

If you read my previous post in regards to eCoupons, you will see that my eCoupons went crazy at Tom Thumb today and I saved way more than I thought I would with them! I always suggest loading any eCoupon you think you will possibly use- the coupons are only available for a short amount of time before they are no longer accessible, BUT they don't usually expire for a good month or longer. You will see this on my deals today- multiple eCoupons on the same items because I loaded these throughout the weeks and did not use them.

Trans #1: {1st receipt}
5 BC fruit snacks @ $1.00
-use 2 .50c/2 printables + eCoupons + {$3.50 catalina}
3 NV nut clusters @ $1.50
-use 3 $1/1 printables + eCoupons
2 Kelloggs Fruit snacks @ $1.00
-use 2 $1/1 printables

*eCoupons will vary depending on how many you have loaded
total oop: .10c + $3.50 catalina {use on next purchase- these roll!}

Trans #2: {2nd receipt}
5 BC Fruit snacks @ 1.00
-use 2 .50c/2 printables + eCoupons + {$3.50 catalina}

*If you notice I had 2 multiplied coupons here- this was because the second one was not going through and the cashier manually put it in, which didn't recognize it as a 'second' of the same coupon, and multiplied it- which made my total less than the $3.50 catalina I used to pay, so a pack of tic-tacs came into the picture!
total oop: .23c + $3.50 catalina

Click here for all 5 links of printables to go to in order to score this GREAT deal!