Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tom Thumb DEALicious Deals!

I love Tom Thumb. Can I just say that?

Starting tomorrow {03/10} Tom Thumb is having deals, instant savings, and sales left and right!
I will be shopping there tomorrow and trying out a few scenarios with eCoupons thrown into the mix, and afterwards I'll post all confirmed deals here for the sales!

As for now, I highly suggest printing the following for the $5 of any 5 mix and match promo:

NV Clusters ($1/1)
BC Fruit Snacks (.50c/2)
NV Granola Bars (.40/1)
And you have 5 sites to choose from!
here, here, here, here, and here!

Kelloggs Fruit Snacks {here} print limit 1 per computer

Also, make sure all your eCoupons are loaded from cellfire and shortcuts from the above items!
{excluding the Kelloggs}

The prices before coupons are:
NV Clusters $1.50
BC Fruit Snacks $1.00
NV Granola Bars $1.50
{these are the prices if bought in groups of 5}

And the BEST part is that the BC Fruit snacks have a catalina deal running that gives you $3.50 wyb 5 or more boxes!

*Quick tips about coupon use at Tom Thumb:
-Tom Thumb will only double/triple one-like coupon. Make sure when making a scenario that you remember this {i.e. if I use two .50c/2 BC fruit snack coupons, the first will double to $1.00, the second will stay at .50c}
-eCoupons will work with Manf. Coupons, but do not double/triple. Always load anything you think you will buy onto your cards when the new coupons are made available {cellfire just got new coupons today too!}
example of how eCoupons work:
If you have 2 BC Fruit snacks loaded on your cellfire (one from a previous week, and one from a new week) and 1 BC fruit snack on your shortcuts, for whatever reason, I have seen on my receipts that both shortcuts and cellfire take their coupons off, plus you have your paper coupon!