Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saved 97% @ Walgreens this week!

I also did my Walgreens shopping today and only paid .78c for $21.71 worth of items! Here's how:

Bought 2 Nabisco products .99c each
-used $2/2 printable (no longer available)
total oop: FREE

Bought 1 Starbucks Coffee $1.25 (w/in store Q)
-$1 off printable
total oop: .25c

Bought 1 Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99 + $2RR
-.75c off printable
total oop: $2.25 + $2RR (.25c after RR)

Bought 4 Reach floss .99c (w/in store Q)
-$1.00 off Reach printable
total oop: FREE

Bought 2 Soy Joy bars CLEARANCED @ .37c
total oop: .74c

Bought 1 South Beach Diet bar CLEARANCED @ .55c
total oop: .55c

I used a $3RR from last week, and my total was .78c!!
Saved $21.71 or 97%!!

Another great deal right now is Purex at Walgreens. It is BOGO and if you bought the 2/21 paper, you should have a BOGO for Purex as well. This SHOULD give you 2 free detergents, BUT it will depend in how your store works.
I tried to do this deal as part of this shopping trip and the manager gave me a bogus explanation (my personal opinion). He said that if I used my coupon I would have to pay 1/2 of the price for one of the two bottles, for instance:

Purex $5.99 and BOGOF (Wags store sale)
Out of the two bottles of detergent, I would need to pay him $3 and I would still only walk out with 2 detergents in hand. Is it just me of do that sounds more like a 'buy one get one half off' coupon?

Anyways, I tried to explain to him that walgreens is covering the cost of one, and the other would be covered by the manf. which is why he would have to write the purchase price on the coupon for the one I'm requesting free.
I guess my bottom line point is, whether the explanation makes sense or not, you may want to call ahead of time, especially is Wags is not close to your home. I'll cross my fingers for you!