Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweeten your Kroger shopping: Coupons in packages!!

Today is the last day for the Digital Promo, and Banquet meals for .88c are part of the deal.
(Head over here for the coupon matchups!)
Many of the Banquet meals I picked up had "Save $6 on great brands" promo on the box. I opened one of the boxes and found the following coupons:

.35c/1 Banquet Brown N' Serve (This will triple to $1.05, and these often go on sale for $1!)
.35c/1 Banquet Select Recipes
.75c/1 Banquet boneless chicken bag
.60c/6 Banquet pot pies
$1/2 Act II popcorn packages
$1/2 Chef boyardee
.20c/1 Hunt's ketchup
.75c/1 Slim Jim canister
$1/2 Crunch n' Munch

All of these don't expire until 2/1/11! And this was just from one box!
So remember if you are looking into buying Banquets, look for the $6 coupons on the inside!!