Friday, April 16, 2010

CVS Clearance Finds! FREE Bic Soleil Razors!

CVS is keeping me busy today! Here's what I found while I was previewing the store for next week:

So it seems Kotex Pads (16ct) went on clearance!
They are only .92c per pack! 
These were all on the endcap of aisle 10. 

Also I saw Bic Soleil Razors in the same area for only $2.00!!
(I didn't get a pic of these, but the one above is the exact one on clearance)
Use the $2 off from 3/07 SS (expires 4/18!!) and get them for FREE!!

*Clearance deals vary in different regions. I would not make a scenario with these in mind unless you have previously checked your store. I like to post clearance finds so that if you do happen to run across one at your store, they will just be nice 'freebies'. 

And always remember to PRICE CHECK! So if you see these in stores and they aren't marked down, price check them- you would be surprised at how many things you can find that way!