Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vent Session: Keep your head high

If you are a new couponer, I hope that this will help you, because sadly I can almost guarantee you will have a terrible experience at some point in your adventures.

Sometimes when us couponers go to the store, our coupon deals just don't seem to go as planned. Maybe you realized the item size is wrong for what you want, or you can't find a coupon, or your scenario that made sense at home now doesn't. That can be frusterating, but I can handle that.

What I cannot handle is ignorance, unwillingness, and flat out rude behavior by any cashier or manager just because you have coupons.

Here's a few things a keep in the back of my head when I'm shopping:

1. Coupons are cash. Just not your cash. Manufacturers pay the company the amount taken off. Very simple. I'm not really sure why cashiers give evil looks like you are ripping off the store because you have the smarts to put deals together and get a small oop expense.

2. I am a huge contributor to the store, and consider myself a top customer. {This is more towards drug stores} Sound a little arrogant? Ask yourself, how many regular customers that spend a retail of $100 every week walk through their doors? Most people run in to get a quick snack ($3) or maybe they ran out of mascara ($5), and even if they spent $20 worth of items, this usually isn't a weekly ordeal, right? You may not spend much oop, but your purchases go towards boosting their store sales, which of course leads to all sorts of other entitlements. You are a very valuable customer!!

3. I am Coupon-Crazed Woman. I always tell myself that it is likely I know way more about policies and coupons than the average cashier, and that's ok. If there is an issue, nicely explain the coupon instead of acting like they should know every in-and-out of the coupon world.

So stand strong my couponers! There is no need to feel ashamed in what you are doing.
Hello..you are saving TONS of money! That is the smartest thing an American could do!! (we seem to have a habit of getting in over our head's in debt)

If there is something that you remind yourself of everytime you go couponing, tell me through a comment, and let's spread the optimism around!