Thursday, March 11, 2010

UPDATE: Kroger's Hit the Hoops winning errors

Over the past week, I've been loving the Kroger's Hit the Hoops game that you can play once a day to win all sorts of free food items, and $5 instant savings! The best part is they load to your card, so once you win and click 'claim' you are good to go!

I won $5 instant savings, and was thrilled! Then I won it AGAIN...but when I tried to claim it, I got and error message and in linked me to putting in a ticket to customer service.
Well they finally emailed me back with this response:

Thank you for contacting the March to Savings Help Center.
Your second prize has now been uploaded to your account.  The coupon that
has been uploaded is the following:  $5 off your next shopping trip at

Please note this coupon will not be visible in your account but will work
at the store.
Once a participant has won two Instant Win prizes, no further Instant Win
prizes will be awarded to that participant. However, additional log ins
will result in additional Sweepstakes Grand Prizes drawing entries. (Per
official rules.)

So to clear things up, you can win twice, but the second one will have to be done through customer service it seems, which I'm assuming is only if the second prize is the same as the first.

Have you played Hit the Hoops yet? If so, brag your winnings below!