Monday, March 8, 2010

Saved 103% at Kroger??!

It's true I did. And it makes me laugh a little.

4 Betty Crocker Fruit snacks @ $1.79
-use 2 .50c/2 printables (double to $1/2)
-.50c/2 cellfire
-.50c/2 shortcuts
total: $4.16 wyb 4, or $1.04 per box
*get $2.50 onyp wyb 4* 
like getting them for .42c a box!

1 Fiber One Chewy Bars @ $2.29
-use .40c/1 printable here or here (double to .80c/1)
-use .40c/1 cellfire
total: $1.09

1 Chex Mix Bars @ $2.29
-use .50c/1 from 2/07 insert (double to $1/1)
total: $1.29

1 Chex Mix @ $1.50
-use .50c/1 printable (double to $1/1)
-use .50c/1 shortcuts
total: FREE!

1 Mission Tortilla @ $1.59
total: $1.59

Now here's the confusing part. I knew I had $5 instant savings (from the Kroger game) and a $3 catalina I needed to use by tomorrow.
I figured I would be spending maybe .50c afterwards, because of taxes, but I get so confused on how taxes work after coupons are put in (in Texas, I think we don't pay the tax, and most states you still do?)
Anyways, I noticed the total right before the cashier rang out my $3 catalina was $2.73! I tried to tell him to wait or if he could adjust it, but he scanned it and .27c was up on the total to be credited to me.
Oddly enough, a manager came over, typed something in and smiled at me as she handed me .27c...weird right? I couldn't really say much considering she was the manager- if it was the cashier I wouldn't want them getting in trouble for giving me money back because I'm pretty sure that wasn't right!

So not only did they give me .27c back, but I got a $2.50 catalina!

Tell me your weirdest check out story! I'm so interested!!