Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Restaurant.com only $2!!

Allow someone else to "COOK" for you!

Now get 80% Off Restaurant.com $25 Gift Cert. orders. Use code COOK and Pay $2 thru 3/31/10.

How can you not LOVE this site?! These don't expire for a year after purchase and can be used instantly after purchased! This would be great if you are taking the family out for Easter!

The code "COOK" can be used to purchase gift certificates, gift cards, and Dinner of the Month Club!

If you buy these often, or if you need a good present for someone you know likes to eat out often, look into Diner of the Month! You get a $25 gift card per month (12) and a free $50 gift card! 
Sounds like a lot of money spent, but with the code "COOK" you'll get 80% making your $120 original discounted price come down to $24! WOW! That's for $350 worth of food!

I look at it as a grocery shopping trip, saving 80% is awesome!