Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kroger Hit the Hoops Sweeps UPDATE

Ok so as you may know, I told you I received $5 instant savings from the sweeps as my prize!! Whats even better is that it automatically loads to your Kroger card!

Now here's the downside...
Yesterday I also won $5 AGAIN!! I was on cloud 9 thinking how I have racked up $10 of FREE money to spend on whatever I want without having to figure out a scenario and yadda yadda....ANYWAYS, when I clicked it to claim it said to contact customer service. I found this odd...until tonight I finally dug a little deeper...

It loads to your card in the same place that your other kroger eCoupons it would be safe to assume you cannot have two of the same coupon on there? which means either
1. I need to go spend the $5 so I can have more added later or
2. I need to stop getting my hopes up winning instant money and not being able to actually use it

My point really is (its 2am, forgive me) I don't want you to end up winning doubles of something and being terribly disappointed as I was. This sweeps goes on for another month and you can enter everyday, so my hopes and dreams of building $5 instant savings for like 10 times has been crushed-(but boy wouldn't that be a steal!)

I'm going to bed now, but just figured I'd give you a heads up!
And remember tomorrow is my FIRST giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled!!!

**oh my- I hate to say it, but right after I posted this I couldn't resist and curiosity got the best of me. I clicked to play the sweeps and received ANOTHER $5 off! aaaahhh!!! I could have $15 to spend! And I would say its just repeating my offer until I use it, but I DID lose in between one of the three, so there are all NEW winnings!!**