Friday, March 5, 2010

*IMPORTANT* to my Readers! My FIRST giveaway?? I need your feedback!!

Ok so here is the deal- my site is pretty new and I'm very happy with the outcome of you all coming by and checking out my blog. Everyday I'm getting more pages hits, followers on twitter, facebook, network blogs, and rss feeds.

In order to thank you, I am thinking about doing my first giveaway which would be around 20 (maybe even more) full inserts for 2 of my readers! (10 each) These are not old inserts either, they will be from this upcoming week's paper!! (And remember, the P&G this week is said to be the largest insert for the year!) I would start the giveaway on Sunday 3/07.

So what I will need is your input- tell me if you are on board with this or if you think something should be different, like maybe split between 5 readers instead for greater winning chances or have a whopping 1 grand prize of 18 inserts with 2 readers as runners up with 1 each.....the list could go on and on! So leave a comment, and let me know- and I will go with the majority!!

Thanks for everything guys!!