Friday, March 5, 2010

If you live in the DFW area, here's a BIG tip on getting FREE inserts!

Have you ever picked up a Quick Paper? They are in different locations around the DFW area. I used to pick them up in college on my campus and do the sudokus during class (yea, we will leave that for story for another day!)

Anyways, I picked one up out of curiousity yesterday and when I got home, I began to read it. I flipped the pages and BAM! In the middle of the paper there were 2 inserts- P&G and Red Plum, for the 3/07 paper!!! WOW!!!

Did I mention this paper is FREE!!!!!

Now remember, play nice and don't take every single paper you find, but picking up 1 or 2 for FREE is awesome! And I'm assuming it came out Wed. or Thu. (I got it on Thu.) which is another added perk to go get sales this week with NEXT weeks coupons! Hooray!!!

Here are the locations around YOU!

Happy Savings!