Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good UPDATE: *HOT* Albertsons just went CRAZY with cereal & milk!!

UPDATE: Kristal over at Adventures in Couponing confirmed that Manf. Qs do work with this deal! Hooray! Also, the 3 gallons of milk catalinas print separately, so if you don't need all 3 at once, you don't have to buy them all! This may make me feel a little better about Albertsons.. ;) 

My jaw dropped at the site of this Albertsons deals in the new weekly ad, beginning tomorrow, 3/17.

Buy 4 select* Kelloggs cereals @ 4/$14, get 3 more FREE w/in-store coupon. PLUS receive an instant coupon at checkstand for 3 gallons of milk FREE oynp!

*cereals listed are:
frosted flakes 14oz.
fruit loops 12.2oz.
apple jacks 12.2oz.
corn pops 12.5oz.
honey smacks 15.3oz.
rice krispies 12oz.
frosted mini wheats bite size 18oz.

There's all types of coupons ranging from $1/1 peelies to .70c/1 blinkies to $1.50/2 printables !
You could get 7 cereals and 3 gallons of milk for $10!! That's $1 a piece, and although you can get cereal a little cheaper you can't compare getting milk for a buck!

Now I'm going to let you in on a secret/rant of why you won't see me post many Albertsons deals. 
For starters, I feel that they do too many play-on-words in their weekly ads. 

About a month ago they advertised Chinet plates for .99c. In fine print it said w/in-store coupon. Well that's fine, because I had a Manf.Q for $1.00, so free-right?!
I get to the store and they are listed at $1.99, with a $1.00 'manf.Q' peelie. I use quotes because the actual peelie said in-store, and had no numbers under the barcode, as manf.Q always do. I talked to a manager about it, and he saw my point and rang them up free for me- just makes me suspicious.
*cough cough* Can we say false advertisement?
Anyways, this ad says 'with in-store coupon' as well, which makes me a little pessimistic.

But it's still a good deal if we aren't able to use manf.Qs !
 $14.00, for 7 boxes of cereal and 3 gallons of milk!

Here's a few more awesome FREE deals w/in-store coupons *cringe*

FREE loaf of Nature's Bread w/in-store coupon wyb Shedd's Country Crock spread 45oz. @ $1.99

FREE Coke 12pk. & FREE large eggs w/in-store coupons wyb 10 Lipton Side dishes @ $10/10