Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did you get a BOGO Tropicana? Know where to use it??

I'm pretty sure 99% of you look at various frugal websites, and if a deal has been posted on every site I see, I just don't see the point of posting it on mine as well. 
(Call me lazy, but it's really a waste of your time and mine, right?)
Anyways, yesterday you go access a bogo Tropicana coupon from Juicy Rewards. If you picked up 2, I'll show you how to get these for a buck each!

Starting on 4/4, Walgreeens will be running a $1RR wyb 2/$6 Tropicana deal.

Buy 2/$6
(1) bogo coupon
total: $3 oop + $1RR
like paying $2, so $1 each!

Buy 4/$12
(2) bogo coupons
(1) $1/2 2/21RP
total: $5 oop + $1RR
like paying $4, so $1 each!

You may wonder why you would pick option 2- it could be because you have RR from previous transactions that you need to use.
If you do option 1 twice, you'll pay $6 oop, but get $2RR since you'll be doing them in separate transactions, which is still the same price as option 2 ($4 total after RR), just broken up differently!

Happy Savings!