Saturday, March 6, 2010

CVS PAID ME $11.27 to shop!

*ATTENTION!* Drop what you are doing and call the CVS you go to to find out when they activate the new weekly sales!!! Ok wait, read the rest first, THEN drop what you're doing! ;)
CVS stores, excluding 24 hr. ones, often start their new weekly sales on Saturday night! (Mine starts at noon on Saturday!! Yay!) So call and check!!! This means you can do two weeks in one- and sometimes this makes for a great combo deal!!

Here's what I did today (keep in mind this includes 3/06 sales and new week of 3/07 sales)

4 12.5 oz. Kelloggs Corn pops cereal @ 4/$10
-used 4 $1/1 peelies
total: $6 + $5 ECB (wyb 4)
like paying .25c per box!

2 gallons of Schepps milk @ $2.89
total: $5.78 + $2 ECB ($1 ECB per milk)
like paying $1.89 per gallon!!

2 Oral B Crossaction Toothbrushes @ $4.00
-used 2 .75c from 2/07 insert or 2/21 insert
total: $6.50 + $8 ECB ($4 ECB per brush)
like getting them FREE plus $1.50 profit!

1 12pk of scrunci clips @ .87c
(on clearance and a cute filler to get over $25)

grand total before coupons: $26.62 (tax incl.)
*I used a $5/$25 coupon, $2.50 ECBs from previous transactions, and $8.75 AMEX gift card*
grand total after coupons and gift card: $3.31 + $15 ECB!

Next transaction:
1 Softsoap bodywash @4.99
-used .75c printable
total: $4.25 + $4 ECB

paid with $2ECB from milk purchase
total after ECB used: $2.42 + $4 ECB

My second transaction was honestly done poorly. I did not plan it out and sure enough I could have done way better on it, but sometimes that just happens! Oh, did I mention my 2 year old started crying like mad out of nowhere during checkout?! 
Anyways, I know that you cannot do this exact scenario because of things like the gift card, but these are great stand alone deals!!

Grand total from both transactions: 
$5.73 oop + $17ECB
like getting everything for 
FREE + $11.27 profit!!!

Happy savings!