Friday, March 19, 2010

ALDI has arrived!!

Have you heard of a grocery store called Aldi?

I recently lived in Connecticut for 4 months, and fell in love with Aldi. When I moved back down to Dallas, I was so excited to hear that we were getting Aldi's everywhere in Spring 2010! Some locations opened yesterday, and others will begin next month. Check to see if a location opened around you.

About Aldi:
If you like to be green, Aldi is a great shop for you.
Here are some things you need to be prepared for before walking in for the first time.

1. Make sure you have a quarter!
You will never see a shopping cart in the middle of one of these parking lots. Aldi's carts are right outside of the front door. You slip a quarter in a slot attached to the cart, and when you are done shopping, take your cart back up there, and your quarter pops back out!

2. Make sure you have reuseable bags!
It doesn't matter what type of bags you want to bring, but they DON'T have free bags for you! There are reuseable bags you can buy, just like any other grocery store, but just be aware that if you buy a full cart of items you'll need many bags!

3. It's time to use some cash! 
Aldi does not accept credit cards. You can either use a debit card or cash to pay for your purchases.

4. Make sure you are prepared for the low prices!
This place uses methods like #1 and #2 to keep prices lower for you! Also, Aldi looks almost like a mini-Sam's or Costco- there aren't shelves, just tons of open boxes!

My favorite prices were:
39c/lb. bananas
$1.50 gallon of milk
$1.79 big bag of tortilla chips
.88c for sandwich bread, hot dog/hamburger buns

This really doesn't do the prices justice, but believe me, you will not be sorry you came here!

They do not take coupons, but honestly these prices are so low that you will still easily be able to stay within your budget. I really like getting produce from here- it's something you can't get coupons for, plus the prices are so low- really makes a great find!
Anyways, LOVE this store, and I will soon be posting the best weekly deals from it!