Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tom Thumb Frugal Find!!

My favorite part about shopping at Tom Thumb is the 50% off section. Every store has different varies items.

I saw huggies Swimmers for $4.00 (reg. $8.00) & O.J. for a buck!
I also found Pillsbury Grands rolls! I quickly checked the expiration dates, and they don't expire for another month!

My scenario:
Buy 2 @ .95c ea. (which is 50% off $1.89)
-use .30c off two eCoupon (hopefully this was on your card as it is not available to load anymore)
- use .30c off two printable (tripled made it .90c off two)
Total: .68c OOP tax incl. for two Pillsbury grands! or .34c a peice!

I'm sure I could have made this deal a little cheaper, but it was an unexpected buy and used what I had on hand. So if you are making a trip to Tom Thumb, always look in the 50% off section (by yogurts usually in the back of the store- and look next to the display when refridgerated foods are as well)

Happy Savings!