Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tom Thumb 71% off + .49c 2-liters!

Now through Tuesday, Tom Thumb has a special ad out with store coupons (coupons only qualify with $10 minimum purchase before coupons) and the savings are GOOD!
I used these two coupons out of the bunch:

Pepsi and Dr. Pepper 2-liters are .49c each! (limit 5)
Pop Tarts 8ct. boxes are only $1.00! (limit 2)

I bought:
(5) Pepsi/Dr. Pepper 2-liters (store Q)
(2) Pop Tarts 8ct. (store Q)
(2) Craisins (BOGOF+$1off Manf. Qs)

Spent: $6.74 (tax incl.)
Saved: $15.48 or 71%