Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How many newspapers do you buy?


I am very curious as to where your coupons come from. Are you a printer-junkie? A blinkie-puller? A tearpad-ripper? Or a newspaper-buyer?
Leave a comment with how many Sunday papers YOU stock up on and how many people are in your household!

I buy 2 sunday papers a week & have a total of 3 for household, so a lot of printables and blinkies- and of course take store coupons/booklets anytime I see them!!

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  1. I buy at least 2 papers a week and sometimes up to 6 depending on what coupons will be in it (but I am a "dumpster diver"... you'd be amazed how many complete inserts you can find in apartment complex recycling bins). I also am a blinkie, peelie, tearpad junkie! As for printables I try to only print coupons I know I will use.

  2. I live in an apartment complex and never thought about that- I may have to join the diving!