Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drug Store Preference

New to drug store shopping or pro with an opinion?

I have a CVS and Walgreens in my area (no RiteAid) and between the two, there are quite a few differences.

I find CVS to be more 'coupon friendly'. The ECBs received tend to be easier to use, and shopping seems like more of a breeze with a price check box available for you. This is my FAVORITE thing about CVS (and Target too) because you can always go check to see if things aren't marked correctly without bothering the cashier!

You also have the wonderful option of scanning your card here and getting great value CVS coupons to use! How fun!

If you also have both in your area, and are new to couponing, I would strongly suggest trying CVS out first. Get the hang of 'rolling' your Ecbs before attempting RRs from Wags.

What's your preference? or are you new to all this? (in which that all just sounded like a different language, I'm sure) ;)

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