Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creating my very own blog

Well let's start with the basics: My name is Jasmine and I am a young mother of a 2 year old girl. I have always been frugal with my money, and over the past few years things went downhill financially, so I made myself only buy the bare minimum so I could actually pay my bills.

A few months ago, I stumbled across a few different blogs that guided you towards awesome deals and coupons. I had never really seen the point of doing coupons, especially when I would see the amounts..."35c off of cereal? But cereal is like $4!!" Boy was I wrong!

Couponing is a learned skill, and once you catch on it's easy to do and TOTALLY worth the money! I am no pro, but I hope that we can help each other along the couponing adventure! I will be posting my shopping trips and tips and tricks to help you cut your grocery bill by 50%-95%.

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